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#1 NSF Certified Shower Filter in Performance

Based on flow rates and capacity of 2024 wall mount shower filters.

Clinically Tested to Improve Skin Hydration & Scalp Health*

*Based on a clinical study of 30 participants over 28 days.

  • Weddell Duo is the only shower filter on the market to be NSF certified and clinically tested to improve skin hydration and scalp.

    • Dermatologist tested & approved
    • Protect your skin barrier & scalp
    • Proven results, backed by science

Performance You Can Verify

  • Chlorine Reduction

    Certified by NSF in 2023

  • Microplastics Reduction

    Verified by IAPMO Lab in 2023

  • PFAS Reduction

    Verified by IAPMO Lab in 2023

What's Included

Filter #1 Cartridges (2), Filter #2 Cartridges (2), & Replacement Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

I used the free trial before I bought this shower filter and WOW! Such a difference! My skin is not dried out like it used to be and I love that you’re able to see the discoloration in the white filter to see what’s being prevented from leaving your shower head. My best friend spent the night & first thing he said was “I love your shower!” I hardly have breakouts anymore and I really appreciate that it filters microplastics and bacteria. I’ve tried a bunch of filters and this is by far the best that I continue to use!