About us

Welcome to Weddell Water

We’re passionate about your self-care routine! At Weddell Water, we believe that beauty is more than just a routine – it’s a journey towards self-love and confidence. Our mission is to elevate your glow by providing a transformative shower experience that goes beyond the ordinary. We’re committed to enhancing the health and radiance of your body, empowering you to feel your best every day.

Designed in California, Made in Korea

  • Based in Orange County, Weddell Duo was designed by a team of highly experienced PhD engineers, researchers, and self-care enthusiasts. Our shower filters are made in Korea, a global hub of technological and beauty excellence.

    Say goodbye to ordinary showers and hello to innovation! Our patent-pending shower filters are crafted to remove impurities and harsh chemicals from your water, ensuring a pure and revitalizing shower experience.

  • Beauty Beyond Boundaries

    Weddell Water celebrates diversity and believes in the beauty of individuality. Our products are created to cater to all body types and embrace the uniqueness of every user. Join us in redefining beauty standards and embracing the idea that confidence radiates from within.

Become a part of the Weddell Community, where beauty enthusiasts, skincare gurus, and self-care advocates come together!