Weddell Duo

Where can I see NSF certification documentation?

You can find documentation on NSF's website here.

Could I drink the water filtered from Weddell Duo?

No. Weddell Duo is not designed to be used as a drinking water filter.

Installation & Replacement

For additional help, please check out our installation guide.

Can Weddell Duo be used with any type of shower head?

Yes, as long as it can fit into your shower water outlet pipe.

Will installing Weddell Duo affect water pressure?

Since our maximum Gallons Per Minute (GPM), 2.8 GPM, is much higher than typical shower heads, 2.5 GPM or less, your overall water pressure will be determined not by Weddell Duo, but by your shower head.

However, by the time Weddell Duo’s full capacity is reached, it is natural for the filtered impurities in our filter to slow your water pressure, which would be an indication for you to replace the filter cartridges.

Do I need any special tools for installation?

Nope, installing Weddell Duo is tool-free!

However, depending on how old your shower arm is, you may need a wrench to remove your existing shower head.

How often do I need to replace Weddell Duo filters?

Our filter cartridges can last from 3 to 6 months.

However, replacement depends on three factors: (1) how long you shower, (2) how often you (and the people you live with) shower with Weddell Duo, and (3) how clean your running water is.

How do I know if I need to replace my Weddell Duo filters?

You will need to replace your filters if any of the following apply,

  • You’ve used Weddell Duo for over 5-6 months
  • Your shower water pressure has significantly decreased
  • Or filter #1, on the right of Duo, shows signs of discoloration

Brand Ambassador Program

Learn more about our brand ambassador program here.

How does the Weddell Affiliate Program work?

It's simple! Apply here and once you’re approved you'll receive your special affiliate link and coupon code. Start posting and get paid each time someone makes a purchase from your link.

Does it cost anything to join the affiliate program?

Nope, it's completely free. All you have to do is sign up and share your referral links on social media.

How will I know if someone made a purchase with my link?

Once your application has been approved, your UpPromote dashboard will track all of your sales and commissions.

Can anyone join our brand ambassador program?

Yes, anyone that is 18 years or older, has a U.S. bank account, and loves our Weddell Water products can join. If this fits your description, sign up now to get started!

When do I receive my commissions?

Commission payments are disbursed on the 15th of the month. Just make sure to have your payment method connected, such as Paypal or Venmo.

In-Home Testing Program

Learn more about how you can test Weddell Duo for FREE here.

What are the eligibility requirements to be selected?

You just need to live in the U.S. and be enthusiastic about providing detailed feedback for improvement!

What does it cost to participate in the in-home testing program?

Nothing, it's 100% free.

If you're selected to participate, we will send you everything you need.

How will I know if I was selected to participate?

We will reach out to you via email if you are selected.

What kind of feedback will I be providing if selected?

If selected, you will complete surveys about your experience using Weddell Duo Shower Filter. Depending on your experiences, you may be asked to provide photos as well.

Shipping & Delivery

Learn more about how shipping & delivery works here.

How much is shipping?

We offer FREE US ground shipping on all orders. You can also pay for expedited shipping at checkout.

Do you ship internationally?

We do not currently ship internationally.

Returns & Exchanges

Learn more about our returns & exchanges policy here.

How do I start a return?

Start a return HERE.

What is your return policy?

For the most up to date information, please read our returns & exchange policy here.

We are confident in our product effectiveness and offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Refunds will be issued once we receive products back minus a 10% restock fee.

If you have purchased a product from one of our authorized retail partners, please follow that retailer’s return policy. Please note, used or opened replacement cartridges, all gift cards, and select merchandise purchased on weddellwater.com are final sale.

  • To start a return, fill out the request form here.
  • For US customers, we’ll be able to offer a prepaid return label via UPS.
  • Please return the unit in its original packaging. No need to include any accessories (filters or Teflon tape) which have been used.